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hose who know me know that I'm not one who readily buys into "miracle cures" -- nor am I easily swayed by other people's opinions or anecdotal reports.  I've been a health researcher too long to get "sold" on bogus "snake oil" products masquerading as health breakthroughs.

     What's more, I've never believed that there's such a thing as a cure-all or panacea -- and I'm also extremely wary of exaggerated health claims provided by individuals or enterprises that stand to make huge profits from the proliferation of those claims.

     But the more I expanded my research into this one-minute cure which involves a natural oxygenating substance , the more I was dumbfounded by the mountains of evidence showing that this therapy has been used in various parts of the world by thousands of health practitioners to heal cancer and every conceivable disease .

     It was also encouraging to discover that greedy commercial enterprises are not able to exploit this one-minute cure because the natural substance is dirt cheap -- just 1-1/2 cents a day to administer -- and neither can it be patented by profiteers. 

     My skepticism turned to conviction when I realized that this one-minute cure is . .

The proportion of people with a disease that are cured by a given treatment, called the cure fraction or cure rate , is determined by comparing disease-free survival of treated people against a matched control group that never had the disease. [1]

Cure, The - Live On Prospect HillCure, The - Live On Prospect HillCure, The - Live On Prospect HillCure, The - Live On Prospect Hill